March 22, 2012


Let me paint a beautiful picture to you. The things that we as Christians dream of. A life on fire for our savior, to not care what the world has to say about us, because it's all for Him. A world on fire for Him. Passion for our savior sweeping through every town and village. Worship, true worship of Him. Unhindered unseparated by the things of this world, and the distractions of our mind. An unquenchable hunger for His word and to be with Him in prayer. A desire for His people. A fire that pushes us past our boundaries and into a world crying out for Him.

And so we dream. We sit back and silently cry when we hear of missionaries and distant revivals. And we ask, "can He use me?" We sink back, thinking that He could never use us. How could He use someone who struggles so hard just to live for Him each day?

Maybe it's not even wishing He would use me. Maybe I'm scared if He reaches out to touch me, and whispers in my ear "It's your turn." To fall off the cliff, gasping for breath, in utter abandon. How long have I fallen? Because once you step off, you're committed. There is no turning back. There is no midway. Your paradigm has changed. There is no longer forwards, backwards, and standstill. There is only forwards, and where ever He leads us.

But what do we fear? Is it the fall? Our what we will encounter in that fall? It's that risk. giving up our control. Trusting wholly in Him. But when have we ever been satisfied by normal? When do we feel alive? Whenever we have taken that step. Whether it's a step towards the altar. Thump. Or the step towards a crying stranger. Thump Thump. Telling that perfect someone how we feel. Thump. You hear that? Thump Thump. That's your heart beating. I'll bet you forgot about it. Because the heart that He gave you, it can take so much more. He made you for so much more.

I'm still scared.

But when He calls me. I pray I take the plunge before I think twice. To leap with abandon into what only God can see.

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  1. "But when have we ever been satisfied by normal? When do we feel alive? Whenever we have taken that step."

    There is safety, security, in the normal, or what I have come to call the mundane. But living a life of the mundane doesn't change the world or, more importantly, yourself. The reality is that the "safety" and "security" is nothing but a facade. The fall, the risk. That is where safety truly is, that is where you are the most secure. In that moment you are giving it all to the one who has all. The One who promised that if you seek His kingdom everything else will fall into place. You are trading your short-sightedness for His sight that has all eternity in mind. When you take the step and let go of the mundane it is amazing how God puts miracles in your way. And the best part, is God know us and prepares us for every step before we take it. The risk truly lies in not stepping off. It's the risk of being lulled by the everyday.