About Me and This Blog

Just a little about me.

I'm an average guy, as much as average can say about anyone at least.
I have always loved sitting and just pondering life.
I don't know my scriptures nearly well enough. Most of my scripture knowledge comes in being able to relate the stories of the Old Testament. Most of my references are found using a search engine.

I love God with as much as I can. Do I stumble, all the time. Do I walk in disobedience, more than I would like to admit.

But the one thing I have learned about life, and my relationship with God is that it's a journey. I have come to believe that it isn't so much the destination or the route taken, but more the direction you are headed towards. This I believe encompasses both the destination and the path.

Above all with this journey I'm taking with God through life, if I step off the path or lose my way it isn't the end. It doesn't mean that I no longer follow God and His will. God can, and always will lead me back to the path if I am willing to follow. Granted the road may become more difficult due to the choices I've made, but still the direction is the same.

And I'd like to add something to this now that I'm older, and looking back at my older posts. From time to time I think about whether or not I should get rid of this blog, and then I start reading the posts, and I'm so encouraged by what a younger me has written, reminding me of what I stand for, and who I believe in, and why I believe in Him.

Originally when I started this blog, I had some twisted motivations. In the back of my mind I always think."What if my blog makes it big? And I get a nice pay out on the side?" But every time I have written I have felt an honest want to share something with you, dear reader. I hope and pray as I create these, with the help and guidance of my Creator and King, That they bless and encourage you. Helping you to stay firm in your walk, and challenging you in areas as I and many others have been.

~Honored to have you as a reader.