May 18, 2009

What I do not know, I can not want

This is simply a thought I had today about how to keep away from temptations, and more so, against things that will keep us away from God.

As I had earlier said about avoiding sin, one of the first rules is to avoid places in which you will face temptation. The same goes with your relationship with God.

Lately God has revealed something that's been getting in the way of completely selling out for Jesus. My love of the computer. I'm a computer nerd/techy what ever you want to call it. I do a lot on the computer, it has most things that I previously wanted in a career. Anyways, God has been bugging me to make HIM my number one priority in my life. Even as I write this God is bugging me to drastically cut down on my computer usage. Taking out anything for entertainment purposes. Leaving only activities for school, or for his glory (such as this blog).

To me this is a really big deal, I could probably quite happily live on a computer the rest of my life, earn a living, buy what I need, and 'socialize'. I'm not as bad as all that, but I could be. Of course to some of you cutting back on computer usage seems like a piece of cake, you don't see what the big deal is.

That's the point though isn't it? I have no problem giving up TV any more because I simply don't watch it. Some of you can't imagine giving up you TV time, it's to near and dear, and what if they kill Jimmy on Lost?! and Heaven forbid they should ever mess with Michael's relationships in The Office!!!

What I'm suggesting is to simply not start anything that you know will addict you. You should be able to tell because it's generally suggested by someone or something as 'Amazing', and or 'I can't live without it'. If you are willing to even take it to the next step take out the things in your life that you know 'you can't live without'. It's really difficult. I'm not going to lie, and you will go through withdrawal, but after awhile your dependance fades. You start to realize what a waste of time it was, and that you really aren't missing too much.

Now comes the fun part. As I have found all to often when I am fasting something, or simply just cutting it out because there's too much of it, there's just a hole in my life. You have to let God come and fill that hole. Otherwise you will turn back to what originally filled that hole in your life.

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